…or at least it’s definitely what I look like after waking up just after 3:00 am last night and reading until 5:30.  :(  Insomnia = teh suck.

I’m at work today because of a conference call to discuss a new 3D platform – otherwise I’ve been working from home. Everything is veryvery quiet, and I’ve been quiet bored. I’ve been working on Flash templates, doing some video editing, and not much else.

On the bright side, I was able to blast Marilyn Manson without headphones…the rest of the team not sharing my appalling taste in music.  We splurged and I had KFC for lunch, which as usual was not as yummy as you remember fast food as being – it never is.

I signed up for Black Temple tonight, and then regretted it greatly as I feel totally exhausted and very depressed, but the raid list had already been posted so I couldn’t cancel my signup. Poo.


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