Soooo tired this morning – played too late, and I’m paying for it this morning. God, I hate playing in groups. I decided that I don’t like playing my hunter in dungeons, as well – everything is too close, it’s difficult to back up enough to use ranged weapons, and then targets aren’t in your line of sight. I much prefer the warlock. Plus we had someone screaming at us for the pets pulling mobs by accident. (There was ONE instance where someone ran off with my raptor following, and I was too busy trying to keep two mobs off the healer so I didn’t pull him back in time – nothing said when this same person did it all by himself, charging into groups. I did have to laugh when he fell into the water, though – karma.) Plus, I didn’t get anything aside from some XP and some linen. Everything that I went to roll greed on, I was told not to, then everyone else did, or it was something that I really could have used, and the same guy said that he needed it. Pah, a pox on all of you. :P

In other news, I now have a black raptor and a purple hyena, which I will trade for a scarlet tracking hound when I’m high enough level. The hyena has been named Decorum, since when I take him out for a walk I can say that I’m exercising decorum. Yeah, ok, no one else found it amusing, either.

*sigh* off to work…I would SO like to sick out today. Not a hope, though. Although I’m making tons of money, I really wonder sometimes what the hell I am doing with my life.

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