I’ve had a very self-indulgent day. I just got up from an extended nap, read for a bit, and then went onto the puter. *sigh* Days off are so nice, even though we haven’t been able to go anywhere.

I needed a self-indulgent day after coming in this morning from the stable filthy from head to toe, soaked by freezing rain, and covered in itchy bits of haylage. Nasty weather.

Note to self: when taking a horse that has been on box rest for walkies, it is probably best NOT to do it on a windy day. I realise what a huge horse Kip is when he’s standing on two legs, snorting at everything, doing caprioles and otherwise acting the idiot. There’s no way that I would turn him loose like this…I think it will be a while before I trust him to be sensible in the paddocks.

Otherwise, not much happening. The plumber finally came to put the new shower in….hooray!!!! Hot showers again! :)

1 thought on “Zzzzzzzzzzz…..”

  1. Having a horse of Kips age really is like having an over exuberant sugar addled toddler in a room full of babies:)

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