I’m tired, and I’m very glad that it’s Friday. I had terrible insomnia last night, waking at 2:30. I was online for a while, but got bored and logged off, since I can’t actually catch up on mail or LJ at that time. Phil, you see, has radar ears like a vampire bat and at the first soft keystroke (in the computer room – one floor up!) will be pissing and moaning about me typing. *sigh*

It’s cold, rainy, and not very pleasant today. We’re supposed to have snow showers (as a change from all the damn rain).

On a more pleasant note, my boss is out today. I got an enormous amount accomplished today, and am presently playing with changing all buttons on the site to an ALA “sliding door” version. Ho hum.

Perhaps I’m getting sick, and will need to leave early. One can hope.

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