Quick update, because I’m too fried to do anything else.

The vet saw Lizzie today about some quite large lumps that have come up on her stomach over the past two months. He’s a bit mystified, since they aren’t related to bruising/haematomas, they aren’t hernias, since normally with a hernia you can temporarily sort of push the gut back inside the wall of muscle, and her lumps are more of a solid mass, and they may or may not be cysts, doubtful because of the speed with which they came up. Possibly tumours of some sort, but I think that would be fairly rare in horses – melanomas and sarcoids, sure, but something like this? He’s going to do a scan and then possibly a biopsy. :(

Work is going well, although way too busy. I’m interviewing this week and next for several developers, then a content coordinator. Today I worked on skinning the various sites. I really, really want to be able to move into game development next year.

Not much else to say…we’ve just been getting through the week. I’m still playing too much Warcrack, and my main is now level 51.

Sooooo tiiiiireedddd….

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  1. cadavre__exquis

    Oh honey, so sorry to hear about Lizzie – hope she’s ok.

    I must say though: game development?? You think you’re working hard now, my boyfriend didn’t get home from work till midnight last night – that’s 15 hours of straight work. And more to come.

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