You’re ruining my game. Yes, you.

I’ve seen a few threads on the Rift Cleric forums which have made me simultaneously astonished and angry. The basic sentiment is:

“No one wants a DPS Cleric – heal or re-roll rogue!”

Am I the only one that was thrilled with the flexibility and freedom that the class and soul system offers? I totally loved the fact that most classes (with the possible exception of Warrior) were hybrid classes. I levelled most of the way on my Cleric with a pure Sentinel/Purifier healing build…and killed things just fine, thank you. Did very well in Rifts, too. I probably wouldn’t have raided with that spec as DPS, but I loved the fact that I could roll a Cleric and have the choice of tanking, healing, melee DPS, and ranged/spellcasting DPS. Thank you Trion for giving us this flexibility.

As always, it is the people who fuck it up.

I just had a conversation with Phil (who does rock a melee Cleric build), and he said that friends and guildmates are having trouble finding groups if they play hybrids. “Tanks should be warriors. Clerics should heal. Mages and Rogues are DPS only.” It’s that old-school Wow elitist min-maxing bullshit that really pisses me off. We be free of all that, mon. Don’t have to nanoo for a while! (Fifty points to whoever can get that reference.)

Don’t ruin my game. Give us some time before the Gearscore/Recount jerks take over the game…let us all just enjoy it for a bit and play what makes us happy.

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  1. These are the people who turn gaming into a job, for me. This is why I no longer play any MMO’s.

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