You know that dream where you’re in class…yeah

If you write or paint or do anything creative, you reach a point where you pretty much need to put it out there and invite people to take potshots give their opinion about it. Unless you keep your work locked into a closet somewhere, of course – but that seems both selfish and cowardly, and ultimately unfulfilling.

It’s a bit like being naked in public. Yes, that dream, that horrible dream where you’re in class and you’ve forgotten your homework and everyone is laughing at you because you’re naked. That one, exactly.

So I imposed on family and asked them to read my poor book. And then I almost had a panic attack. Sitting in class naked? It would almost be easier.

6 thoughts on “You know that dream where you’re in class…yeah”

  1. Fortes Fortuna Adiuuat! I too want to take that step, but…but…it’s just so hard! I sometimes wonder if that’s not one of the reasons why I drag my feet on revision. If I don’t revise it, I won’t share it because I know it sucks, I.E. ego protected!
    I’ve got to get on it and shake this off. Thanks for the inspiration, Ravven.

  2. Ty, I would love you to read it. But you know that thing about being nekkid in class? SO much worse when showing stuff to a “real” writer that I have admired for so long – as in instant heart attack shit-scared sissy-crying. :)

    When I’m much braver, and less convinced that I have a giant irredeemable pile of ass here, then I’ll take you up on the very kind offer.

  3. Whatever your pace is is fine. Disco Stu wants you to be comfortable while he does his thing.

    But you know I’d be nice, and that I am a very forgiving reader, right?

    I mean, I write cheesy tales of space adventure for a living, not real literature. :)

  4. Eeeuuw…Disco Stu. :D Seriously, tho – thanks Ty, I really appreciate that – it would be awesome to have you look at it, future Hugo-award winner or no. (Eeeeek!)

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