You kids get off my lawn!

Last night I had an Allods Online night, again playing on the US servers. Throughout most of Europe and the UK, Americans are viewed as being stupid, uneducated, obnoxious. That stereotype is strengthened by television news and reality shows, where any American interviewed has to have a Southern accent and be spouting nonsense about God, guns or George Bush. It offends me, since obviously we’re not all like that – MOST of us are not like that. But unfortunately, American kids who play MMOs don’t do their country’s reputation any favours.

There was an amazing, long conversation in general chat that started with religion, and then went on to cover politics, history and so on. It was funny, intelligent, literate, and quite often not very politically correct. I was quite enjoying reading chat as it scrolled by, which is quite an unusual occurence for me. In most games, I tend to disable any general chat or trade channel chat due to the level of asshattedness. But this was wonderful.

And then the kids started coming on.

“wtf u guyz talkin about?”

“your all faggots!”

“Go back to WoW and talk about that”

It was all over at that point. All of the mature players moved on to whatever they were doing, ignoring general chat again as usual – the conversation was over.

I hate kids.

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