You Guys Make Me Laugh

I’ve seen a lot of posts recently about “why Destruction is more popular than Order”. Relmstein had Five Reasons Destruction is more popular then Order. Syncaine posted More freaks than elves, what happened to the NE Huntard kiddies? Maybe it’s just me, but I would have thought that the answer was obvious.

Seriously, guys. I’m female and the answer is immediately obvious…or one of them, anyway. It’s the Destro girls. Perhaps the server where I rolled is populated by pervs, but all I see are witch elfs running around in thongs, a couple of bandaids, and some laddered tights. What teenage boy wouldn’t play one?

Hey, maybe I’m wrong. Perhaps it’s something much deeper than T&A.  But I very much doubt it. All Mythic needs to do is get some white and gold thongs on those high elves, and you won’t see any disparity. Just some free advice, feel free to take it if you wish.

But I’m right.

5 thoughts on “You Guys Make Me Laugh”

  1. I mean girl free as in, you can’t be a female character, it’s not an option. Same with greenskins.

  2. I knew what you meant. :) I actually started a Chaos character (Chosen) this morning, and I have to say that they have my favourite starting area in the game so far, hands-down. Of course, I’ve just seen a bit of it, since he’s just a baby (ok, a huge scarred musclebound baby), but still, I loved it. That may have something to do with popularity? I’m not sure. I find it very difficult to play male characters, but so far the environment is making up for it.

  3. Having played them all to at least Rank 10, the Chaos area is indeed the best (imo of course). There is a fantastic quest chain around rank 10-11 (right at the end of tier 1), bottom right corner of the 2nd Chaos zone (Empire starting zone, forget the name now)

    Never played a Chosen, but all the tank classes seem fun in WAR to me.

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