Best quote of the day from the forums: “I officially take back all the exceedingly bad things I secretly wished would happen to you involving a rabid squirrel in your pants.” lol…now that is full of win.

That aside, I’m not happy about hunters being so jerked around. Link to the forums, with Ghostcrawler’s latest post:

We talked about it a great deal today and agreed that we probably over-nerfed BM. Marks is in a good spot and Survival might be too high once we look at the changes we are making to all other classes.

Our plan is to buff BM before Ulduar, but I can’t give you a timetable more detailed than that, and things could change for any number of reasons. We are unlikely to touch Steady Shot for the reasons I have mentioned before. We are more likely to look at Kindred Spirits and Serpents Swiftness again.

Again, huge caveats: Predicting changes we are discussing making but haven’t made yet is fraught with peril. I only wanted to address this issue because it caused a lot of consternation in the community.

I don’t mind admitting when we make a mistake in the hope that it builds our credibility in the community. This was one. It won’t be the last. :)

Hhmn. So you finally admit that all of the multitude of hunters out there who told you that BM was no longer a viable spec for any playstyle weren’t total idiots. That’s nice to know, but what a shame that you had to ignore so many posts and WWS parses disagreeing with you. And Survival might be too high in comparison to whom? Yes, it’s too high if hunters are intended to be strictly a utility class, with a single hunter being brought to raids for TSA and the occasional misdirect. However, it’s actually lower than a lot of dps classes who bring more utility to raids than we do, such as mages.

I’m looking forward to seeing Survival numbers on more “normal” fights, like Naxx. (We’ve been concentrating on getting Sartharian with three drakes down, and finally did it last night. Woo hoo…but we’re like the third or fourth guild on our server to do it, so it’s a bit meh at this point.)

Mainly, I hate the yo-yo way that Blizzard seems to “balance” classes. Shiny gifts are thrust in your face to make you very excited about your class, and then all of a sudden you are stripped of everything, dressed in rags and soot and forced outside into the snow by the back door. Surely this is madness? Surely they must have a better idea of how it all should work than that? Small changes make sense, that is closer to the meaning of “balancing”. Wild swings just seems to indicate that you only have a hazy idea of how all the math works.

Ah, well – we will see what happens.

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