Yesterday’s Entry

Very weird day today; no internet access (a router or switch or something got fried in the storm, and we’re waiting for another). I’ve been hiding periodically in the library, reading Harry Potter and checking mail. I bought some turkish delight at lunch, and I’m making a pig of myself. In another hour I’ll be both guilty and sick. It’s good, though – reminds me of the Narnia books, for some reason.

At lunch I was in the Leek library (not the school one), reading The Haunting of Hill House. I’d never actually read it, and was surprised to find out what a gorgeous writer she is. We’d read The Lottery in school, but I don’t remember liking her style. I’ll have to go back and read it bit by bit. The part where Eleanor is driving to Hill House (having escaped her horrible sister) and she’s making up fairytales about everything she passes, is wonderful.

Powdered sugar everywhere…

It was too cold and rainy to walk at lunch, and I miss it. Walking releases a lot of stress and tension. I need to get my coat (what Phil calls my encounter suit) back from my parents’ place.

Weird night at the theatre last night, as Phil’s ex-wife showed up. Very pregnant. Fortunately she didn’t bring her husband, as Phil would have been much more tense than he was. To give her credit, though, she said that she was VERY nervous about seeing him again. Strange, Jerry-Springer-like situation, though.

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