Yearning for the ‘Verse

I saw the video below while going through my feed reader this morning, and it made me so nostalgic about EVE Online. Periodically I get nostalgic enough to re-sub, and I always seem to follow the same pattern:

1.  Squee! The character creation process is SO FREAKIN COOL.

2. Log into my main, start some training again. Try to remember what I was doing. The last time I had to try to get my ass out of next-door-to-nullsec space, as I had been a member of an all-female pirate corp. Now I’m no longer in that corp, I no longer have an alliance with their brother corp, and I am definitely stuck in hostile space with skills that are too rusty to protect myself. I was also about 20 jumps from anywhere that I would feel safe, and had to make multiple trips to haul all my stuff and my various ships out to a high-sec area. Tense stuff, I thought I was going to have a heart attack or nervous breakdown.

3. None of the agents I was working with before will give me missions, as I’ve been away for too long and they’re so easy to piss off. Not sure where to go, aside from noob areas, where I can actually get missions. The game needs to be a lot more informative and user-friendly for situations like this.

4. Bored, I start mining, which is the kiss of death. I loathe mining in EVE. Not sure what else to do, so I log in less and less and eventually unsub.

I think that a player’s experience in EVE is tied to the corporation that they join. Join the right corp, and you will have tons of stuff to do and friends to talk to while you do it. Fleet battles, war decs – so exciting with the right group. Solo play? Not a fan, personally – and I am someone who usually solos through MMOs. I can be quite antisocial, and that just doesn’t work in EVE.

But this…this makes me so nostalgic.


2 thoughts on “Yearning for the ‘Verse”

  1. Dudette of Deep Space! No.s 2 and 3 sound like a great story. At the end of each of those points, I found myself asking, “So what did you do?” You could change a few details here and there and write up a bomb-diggety story!
    P.S. I’m all transferred over to WordPress and worked hard to sand down the edges. Hopefully you’ll be able to comment without too much hassle. Cheers.

  2. You know, I have read more fiction written in the EVE universe than from any other game. Since it’s a sandbox (where you’re free to kind of design your own game experience) it lends itself to that. And yes, #2 would make an awesome story!

    Or perhaps another Kitsune & Kawaii graphic strip. :)

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