*yawn* Is it Friday yet?

Just a quick update. On Monday I found out that the two guys who had been preparing to present at a conference in London weren’t going to make it, so I had to get all presentation materials together in one day (!) and go down to London yesterday to present. It went well, but I’m wiped out. London again on Friday, unless I (cough, cough) sick out. I haven’t seen Lizzie for ages between work, the weather, and being sick with a bladder infection (sorry, tmi) that I haven’t been able to get into the doctor’s for. I’m tired.

Some screenies, which are always good for when you’re too fried to write anything coherent:

Stormpike Ram

Kit gets her Stormpike battle ram. I had wanted the black one, but couldn’t be bothered to collect the 30 of each token needed, one AB/WSG loss at a time.


Kit meets Lady Prestor, who is wearing her Ony suit.

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