I am SO glad that it is Friday. I’m tired. The churbles were on a rampage last night, using the metal sheet in the bottom of their cage as a trampoline, jumping off the perch into their sleeping box, throwing their water bottle and food dishes around. I finally got up at 1:30 and let them out for an hour, since I was worried about the neighbors complaining. From the floor where our bedroom is, they sound like small children running up and down the stairs. We HAVE to work on their cage this weekend – I wouldn’t want to be the boy sleeping in the room next door. Between them screaming at each other and trashing their cage like eighties-era rockstars, the poor kid probably has nightmares.

Aja, the female, has decided that she doesn’t like us. Anansi is becoming friendlier, and actually sat in my lap for almost a minute the other night, but she wants nothing to do with us. She’ll find a hiding place and glare balefully at us, ignoring food gifts and giving us the evil eye. He’s pretty good about being picked up now, but I have to be careful or she’ll bite. I’m not really sure what to do about her.

I’m paying someone at the stable to bring Kip in, as they get there while it’s still light. I think it’s the best solution. Expenses are multiplying.

The assistant that I thought I’d found had her agency contact us (after we offered her the job) and say that her old company had made her a very high counter-offer, which we would have to match – almost my salary level! I don’t think so. We’ll keep looking. *sigh*

At least the weekend is almost here.

Oh…another thing: it SNOWED last night!

2 thoughts on “*yawn*”

  1. catwithclaws

    you know, Aja sounds jealous :) I’ve not been a rat owner to know their temperments, but that IS what it sounds like a bit.

    then again, with the exception of my rabbit, all my pets (horses, cats, ferrets) are just happy go lucky love-everyone sort of creatures :)

  2. She could be, I suppose…they’re so new to us, so I can’t really tell what she’s doing. It’s difficult with non-domesticated animals, who haven’t been bred to share their lives with people. Maybe they’ve finally decided to breed, and she doesn’t want to be picked up, I don’t know.

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