I worked all morning at the stable, stripping and washing Kip’s old stall so that I could trade with Lindy. Kip is now living in luxury and the height of poshness in a huge stall with big windows. I warned him not to get used to it.

Yesterday I went with Phil and his mom to a “Continental” market in Congelton and bought interesting cheeses, boar sausage and Belgian chocolates. Yum. I was at loose ends this afternoon (Phil having discovered Planetside), so I read for hours with wine and cheese and decidedly suspicious sausage. :) Plus enough chocolate to send me into a coma; I have a terrible headache right now. Could be the wine, I suppose.

I’ve had the offer of rides on several horses at the barn, which is very nice and hugely appreciated. It will be a long time before Kip is rideable, and it would be nice to begin taking lessons again. Riding out is less of an issue, as I am a bit nervous about riding on busy roads with traffic. The stats for unfortunate car-and-horse meetups here aren’t great. Quite a few people die or are seriously injured on the roads.

What else is new? Not much. I’m not looking forward to work tomorrow…I could use a long vacation. I think we’ve hired a J2EE developer, which will be helpful, although I don’t think my boss is going to go with the guy that I liked.

*yawn* I’m off to hunt down some more ibuprophen…

2 thoughts on “*yawn*”

  1. A tip for riding on busy roads..I have noticed that around here the riders often have a cyclist tag along on with them if they are on a busy road. Don’t know if that would be an option for you.
    Hope you manage to rid yourself of your headache soon.

  2. Need to chat with you about the BBQ this Sunday.
    I would email, but I’m worried it would get deleted as spam! *cry*

    I’ll put this same message on his LJ too, to warn you that I’ve emailed my phone numbers.


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