I worked all morning at the stable, stripping and washing Kip’s old stall so that I could trade with Lindy. Kip is now living in luxury and the height of poshness in a huge stall with big windows. I warned him not to get used to it.

Yesterday I went with Phil and his mom to a “Continental” market in Congelton and bought interesting cheeses, boar sausage and Belgian chocolates. Yum. I was at loose ends this afternoon (Phil having discovered Planetside), so I read for hours with wine and cheese and decidedly suspicious sausage. :) Plus enough chocolate to send me into a coma; I have a terrible headache right now. Could be the wine, I suppose.

I’ve had the offer of rides on several horses at the barn, which is very nice and hugely appreciated. It will be a long time before Kip is rideable, and it would be nice to begin taking lessons again. Riding out is less of an issue, as I am a bit nervous about riding on busy roads with traffic. The stats for unfortunate car-and-horse meetups here aren’t great. Quite a few people die or are seriously injured on the roads.

What else is new? Not much. I’m not looking forward to work tomorrow…I could use a long vacation. I think we’ve hired a J2EE developer, which will be helpful, although I don’t think my boss is going to go with the guy that I liked.

*yawn* I’m off to hunt down some more ibuprophen…


  • bellanna

    A tip for riding on busy roads..I have noticed that around here the riders often have a cyclist tag along on with them if they are on a busy road. Don’t know if that would be an option for you.
    Hope you manage to rid yourself of your headache soon.

  • purrthecat

    Need to chat with you about the BBQ this Sunday.
    I would email, but I’m worried it would get deleted as spam! *cry*

    I’ll put this same message on his LJ too, to warn you that I’ve emailed my phone numbers.


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