I just had a battered Mars bar. Yep, deep-fried in batter – the same stuff they use for the fish. I know that sounds very disgusting, and it probably is, but omigod…it was so good. This was a very busy day, and we were both worn out, so we went to the chippy down the street for chicken, and I had to try one. Fucking AWESOME. The candy bar gets all hot and melty inside the crunchy outside crust…mmmmmnnn. I feel quite sick now, but it was worth it. :)

Had a good meeting with the guy from the RSC (Regional Skills Council) to discuss a lot of acronyms. We are building our own CMS (Content Management System) and VLE (Virtual Learning Environment). Talked about the college’s ILT strategy, and whether or not what we’re writing would interface with the MIS system. Ack. But there was a nice pub lunch afterwards, paid for by the college.

Nathan and I were able to put some time in on the blog system that I’d had some problems with, and I think that should be good to go soon. *yaaay* I do ok on my own until I run into stupid problems and I don’t know enough about ASP to figure out what is going wrong. Thanks, N.

Team Thought about fencing today. I’ve probably wrote about this before, and if so you don’t have to read this. I used to fence sabre, a long time ago in Los Angeles. I married my fencing coach (how clichĂ© is that?) I won a silver medal in the Pacific Coast Championships, and then permanently damaged my knee in the Nationals, in the last round. If I remember right, the Nationals were in New York that year; I remember sitting in the airport in floods of tears, knowing that I would never fence again. Sometimes I miss it so very much. It was a huge part of my life, and I haven’t found anything to replace it. I ride, of course, but competition takes both money and good horses – it’s beyond my reach at this time. My knee won’t allow martial arts or anything else that would allow me to express my competitive, aggressive nature. I miss it.

Anyway, back to reality. And battered Mars bars.

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