Bit of a meh weekend, as between working on texturing environments at home and dealing with my sick horse I didn’t do too much.  Friday was a Kara raid, which was a problem since my sweetie came home with steaks, wine, etc., for a special evening, not knowing that I was raiding.  I had hoped that it would be cancelled, as everyone had been drinking a bit and weren’t in the mood, but it unfortunately got underway an hour late.

Personal: I’m sorry…I know that I’m busy or tired or cranky too often, and I know that we need special nights together.  I’m sorry that you ate alone, and watched bad TV…I admit that it is my fault, my bad.  Things will change.

I wanted to do something with Kit on Sunday, but it just wasn’t happening.  Sundays are always tough because anyone decent is usually in Kara.  I must have talked to ten people about groups.  “Sorry, we already have a hunter.” “Sorry, no hunters.” “Sorry, I don’t group with hunters.”

So, not the most rewarding of weekends.  I’d look around for another game to play, but there just isn’t anything else out there.  LOTRO wasn’t that impressive, certainly not enough to consider investing time and money again in.  I know that a lot of people are into EVE Online, but  although it’s pretty, I just couldn’t relate to a non-avatar environment.  I want to exist as a person in an environment.   I think I’m a bit burned out on people, but not on the game…not sure what to do.

2 thoughts on “*yawn*”

  1. I had heard good things about LOTRO. What didn’t you like about it?

    I admit, I wish that D&D online hadn’t been so hideously ugly. The gameplay mechanics were a blast, and dungeon crawling was much MUCH better than in WoW. I mean, ladders, actual traps to disarm, badguy AI that wasn’t ludicrous, a nifty treasure chest mechanic. It was almost like playing a real pen and paper RPG.

    But god, was it ugly.

  2. It was pretty enough, certainly. Not as accessible in the beginning, but I could have gotten past that. It was just too similar to WoW, in the sense that you think “do I want to start investing time in another fantasy MMO, grinding, levelling, being forced to group with people, levelling professions, etc…AGAIN?”

    Thank all the gods that there isn’t a global /played option in WoW that will let you know how many days of your life you’ve spent in the game. I have so many characters that I’ve played to 15, or 25, or even 35 before abandoning, all classes on multiple servers. I just couldn’t face doing that again, in a very similar type of game.

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