I blame it all on Phil, really. Staying up into the wee hours of the morning playing a game, so silly. Unsuccessfully playing a game, for the most part, which made it even sillier. Although there was the one gung-ho player who kept yelling “Faster! Faster!” at everyone and storming off to attack everything, finally calling everyone noobs before she was booted…she was amusing. It’s hell when those adolescent hormones kick in, it makes one such a bitch.

Work is good…the first new server is being set up, so we can start proper development. And the race is on… :)

Lizzie is fat(ter) and happy, with a much softer eye than she had at the other barn. I can actually groom her without her continually snapping at me in bad temper. This has been so good for her, if hell on my bank balance.

Eeek! I’m late.

3 thoughts on “*yawn*”

  1. wandringsoul

    Well, another few levels and you can enslave your Felsteed and go prancing and scampering through Azeroth…

    : )

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