“This morning I saw a fox run across the lane down by the mare’s pasture.”

“Did you feel a strong urge to hunt it down and rip it apart?”

“Fuck you, Phil.”


This morning I went on a longish ride out with a friend from the stable, and she showed me a dirt trail that ran alongside a park and came out at the bottom of the estate. I am so thrilled! The farm that we’re on is massive, but we’re not allowed to ride in the pastures, and it’s surrounded by housing estates. If we ride out, we have to do it on the roads, and I hate it. Riders are always getting hurt or killed on the roads, and I worry alot about going out. But this was great – an actual trail and a bit where you could canter along the edge of a park. :)

This afternoon I was pretty sick, with the worst headache. After dozing on the couch and a small handful of ibuprofen, it’s better now; I think it was stress-related at the thought of going back to work tomorrow. This job is eating me alive.

I’m going to hit the job sites before my migraine comes back…

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