Yaay, sunshine!

Gorgeous day today – and here we are, stuck inside. :(

The stable called this morning and said that Lizzie’s hind leg (where she’d partially severed the tendon right after I got her) has opened up a bit and is starting to warm up and weep a bit. It does this periodically, but on occasion it flares up into lymphangitis and she’s in agony. Fingers crossed.

Work is going well on the new sites; we’re going to have 40-something computers in a room mid-month for user testing. That should be interesting. Still struggling in places with the bloody CSS layout. Table-free design on a large transactional site is a nice ideal, and I’m trying to stick to it, but it’s just so frustrating sometimes. “Why doesn’t that work?” “Beats me – I’ve been fighting with it for two days.” Gaah.

I’ve been bad and introduced everyone to Warcraft…people are playing at lunchtime. The temptation is great. Must. Not. Succumb.


2 thoughts on “Yaay, sunshine!”

  1. I’m not a pusher – it’s RESEARCH. We’ll be doing game development of our own, so there. :P

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