Yaay for Weekends

The other night in game I made the really, incredibly stupid mistake of running up to the massive gates of a Horde encampment, forgetting that I needed to sneak through a broken gate in back, and I may as well as stripped naked, painted a target on my chest, and sung songs in front of it. Thanks to the higher-level friend who was following, laughing her ass off, I escaped although my voidie died and we both had PVP flags on. n00b.

Then I got a message to say that the guild (whom I’ve never played with) was meeting to send off a level 60 who was leaving Warcraft, so they summoned me from Barrens. It was sweet, if slightly silly:

Last night Miz and I both created Horde characters so that I could see what Horde was like. I now have a Troll mage named Ravvenous (continuing the Ravv series, as in Ravven and Ravvena).

Introducing Ravvenous:

Here we are, the Ugly Sisters:

My human mage, Ravven, will be trying to hit Level 30 this weekend, so I can get my fellhunter.

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