From deviantART:

We are sorry, but you are attempting to create an account from a network or Internet Service Provider (ISP) that is shared by an abusive individual. This individual’s repeated actions have forced us to ban your shared ISP, causing you this inconvenience.

This type of ban is reserved for only the most extreme cases of abuse and prevents anyone using your particular ISP from creating a new deviantART account.

This may be either a temporary or permanent measure depending on the nature of the abuse. Due to the manner in which your service provider handles its users we are unable to narrow the ban any further and cannot specifically exclude you.

This does not imply that you have personally caused this action, but rather it may be the actions of someone unknown to you who simply shares your ISP.

Please be patient, or, if the option is available, use a different ISP, until we feel that this ban may be lifted or otherwise modified.

So, someone on BT broadband nicked some images, and I can’t sign up with a site that I respect? That really, really irks me. :(

8 thoughts on “WTF?”

  1. catwithclaws

    Wow. that’s an impressively harsh stance they have there. LJ blocks IPs for spammers, but that’s only for anonymous comments and once you log in and verify your account it’s all good and happy.


    And here I was considering a deviant art acct for some of my photography. Makes me less happy about them :S

  2. It gets worse, almost to the point of being funny. You can write the Help Desk if you’ve been banned. So I filled out the form, submitted my polite request to be unbanned…and you can only contact them if you’re registered – it rejected my form submission! Hmmph.

  3. catwithclaws

    heh. sadly, we did the same thing on our website here at work. can’t get your password? contact us! oh, to use that form you need to log in first….

    *slaps forehead*

    Different departments sometimes do NOT communicate very well with eachother

  4. Can someone on a different ISP create an account for you, then you can access it after that?

  5. No, it can tell what your own IP address is, and says “this person is with BTOpenworld,” and then you are banned. I would be able to access from work, but then I could only upload, etc., from work. :(

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