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I’ve spent half my lunch totally entranced by a report on our last SSC run, hosted here. The information is gathered from the wow combatlog file, which is uploaded to the site.  You can look at DPS/healing totals for the entire night, separate it by encounter, look at all members of a certain class, or at an in-depth look at your own performance. This is gorgeous.

I was 5th in damage, with an average dps of 751 (meh).  I spent 24% of the entire raid time doing damage, I died 8 times, I used Shadowbolt 68% of the time, and my missed percentage was 2.4% or below, depending on what I was doing. So I can tell that I died too many times (well duh, but some of those were group wipes and only one I think was from pulling aggro), that my hit percentage is good, I provided most of the soulstones (not fair, guys!),  and I don’t use Corruption very much.  I can look at the other locks and compare crit %, hit%, and so on…very useful.

I could see this being used to both really hurt and really help a guild.  There’s only one spot on top of the meters, but one person does not a raid, or a guild, make.  It can be used to point out areas where people can improve, or can be used to make people feel like crap.

And SSC last night?  I actually had fun.  :D

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  1. Looking forwards to a posting on the implications for WoW of Ming’s resignation. A sad day for us all…

  2. My dear Lord Vegas, this isn’t a political commentary blog. This is fluff, the literary equivalent of cotton candy, the mental meanderings of adults who spend their time playing games and living in virtual worlds. There’s no substance here.

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