Worries and More Worries

We froze our behinds off at the stable again today. Cleaning stalls in the blowing sleet is not an enjoyable experience. Had to run down and put Kip in another field, as he was fighting with another horse over the fence. Couldn’t ride, as the lesson mill was going full speed…groups in, groups out, hour after hour with no letup. *sigh*

I am becoming quite concerned about some hind-limb gait oddities Kipper has been exhibiting since he was laid up after his gelding. I have to get the vet out as soon as possible; I am praying that it isn’t what I am afraid it is. I won’t say yet, don’t want to put it into words.

I couldn’t sleep last night, as I awoke and immediately started worrying about everything. Moving out, Kipper, the new job, money, getting my UK driving license, the cost of flying home, you name it. :(

I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions, but here are some goals for the coming year:

1. Go home in January. After that, I will resume trying to twist the arm of family and friends in order to get them to come and visit me here. There has only been one couple who visited, and no one in my family has come at all. Fine, as soon as I move out to my own place, and I have no room, everyone will decide to come and visit. :(

2. Move Kip to a new barn, where I can actually get in the arena and ride. Providing he remains sound, of course (fingers crossed). I love that horse. He’s such an ignorant butthead at times, but he is still my baby.

3. Travel, as I’ve said before. Countries I want to visit (not in order): Ireland, Portugal, Morrocco, Egypt, France, Spain, Hungary. More exotic, and farther-away, countries to follow. I want to be Michael Palin when I grow up – how cool would that be?

4. Get my daughter over here. I’m not sure about the legalities before I have British citizenship, but I think she would absolutely love it. She’s always been so unhappy with her life.

Well, I am freezing to death up here in my computer garrett, so I will close for now.

2 thoughts on “Worries and More Worries”

  1. I’m not making resolutions either, I am making lifestyle choices:) How old is your daughter? I am guessing if she is under 18 she could join you straight away, if she is older you might have to wait until you get your citizenship. I suppose you have already researched this though. Hope Kip is alright once the vet checks him over, hopefully he is still just a bit stiff after his chop.

  2. She’s 20, so I think she’ll have to either wait, or enroll in uni here. :( As for Kip…I hope everything’s ok…but we’ll have to see.

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