World of Darkness

dark003.jpgReminder: thou shalt not each sticky caramel-chocolate muffins at thy desk at lunch and make smudgy fingerprints all over thy mouse, keyboard and character design drawings.

Anyway. Ever the White Wolf fan, I’ve been anxiously awaiting any news from CCP about the World of Darkness MMO that is in development. There hasn’t been much, aside from the occasional bits and pieces.  I know that it will be a couple of years, at least.

This is the project that I am most anxiously awaiting – and praying that it doesn’t have a high level of suckage, because that would be quite disappointing.  Of course, along with the rest of the gaming world, I am awaiting Warhammer Online…but I don’t expect to love it like Warcraft.  What would be nice is a totally non-fantasy MMO, preferably dark, sensual, violent and scary. The clan system in Vampire would work perfectly for an MMO, and there are huge roleplaying possibilities.  Add in cross-ties to the other games (Werewolf, Changeling, etc.) and you would have an immense amount of lore to create a world from.

Give us horror fans a world to live in.  :)

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  1. Well, Warhammer Online looks to be sucking quite nicely… the fact that they pulled the beta, and put it back to Alpha says a lot. From what’s crept out from under the NDA, it seems most people wanted ‘this bit needs to be more like Warcraft’. Pretty, but with massive suckage in place of gameplay so far.

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