World of Darkness Squee

Yes!  CCP/White Wolf have confirmed World of Darkness, which will be in the Vampire the Masquerade setting. I can’t tell you how much time I spent playing that RPG. Although I would have welcomed mixing a bit of Werewolf in, I do see how that would have become problematic.

I am SO looking forward to more news about this!

2 thoughts on “World of Darkness Squee”

  1. Setting is perfect, I loved old WoD, so for me its obligatory game. I have my objections about erpers and lolboys who will probably flood it, but to hell with them, I am playing it.

    1. I have a lot of great memories playing VtM, Werewolf, even a bit of Mage and Changeling. Good times with good friends. :) I’m hoping that the sparkly Twilight fans and (blech) erpers will get bored and leave eventually.

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