World of Darkness Announcement Coming?

Ooh, shiiiny news: CCP to announce new Vampire: The Requiem MMO at PAX?

Oh, I sincerely hope so.  *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* I have been waiting for this for AGES. However, I’m really hoping that it’s a World of Darkness MMO rather than strictly a Vampire: The Requiem one. Why not incorporate Werewolf as well? Changeling might work as well, although it’s been a long time and I don’t remember how well it would meld.

I may be more excited and expectant about this coming announcement than I was about the Cataclysm one. I loved playing Vampire (mainly Masquerade), and I’ve always thought that the game system and lore would lend itself very well to an MMO IP.

Here’s a description of clans and bloodlines in Vampire: The Masquerade.


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