World of Darkness: 2010!

Ooh, some interesting news about World of Darkness from CCP: it may launch next year! I’ve always thought that that IP had massive potential for an MMO. Difficult to accomplish, of course, but if they did it successfully it would be something totally new on the market. Some of the games would be quite difficult to incorporate: Wraith and Mage, for instance. Changeling should work, as well as Vampire and Werewolf (but as someone pointed out, if you just had the last two factions, what would it be? Underworld?  Pretty much). Some of the comments on the link above make some valid points about things like the day/night cycle. You would have to have it, but some races can be active during both day and night, whereas vampires -of course- are a bit sunshy. It has a multitude of very thorny game design issues, but if they get it right…that is one game that I am really, really looking forward to.

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