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LolcatLast night I drank too much champagne and ate a gorgeous lamb, baby potato and fresh asparagus dinner…thank you, babe. :) This morning I have silver fairies dancing on my wrist and ears, courtesy of my mother, and a luscious 22″ flatpanel monitor courtesy of my sweetie.

Where do I play? In a third-floor former bedroom, painted in shades of blue, walled in bookshelves, with a huge desk taking up one wall. Aside from the aforementioned monitor, it has shelves of techie books (php, Flash, e-commerce theory, asp, etc.), game boxes, art books, a dog’s skull, an athame, a pewter fairy, a stuffed sheep, usually at least one cat looking out of the window into the street below, several sets of wow trading cards, a bottle of vodka, and a second computer waiting for an install of Ubuntu. There’s a squashy reading chair next to the fireplace (half-size Victorian wrought-iron, not currently usable). And there are books. Lots and lots of books.

It’s where I live, really…it’s my centre right now.

My Desk



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  1. Ahel! :)

    I’ll tell you a story about the dog’s skull. I was visiting one of my sisters, who lives with her family on a large-ish California ranch (cattle, sheep) and the kids gave me a sheep’s skull that they had found. I didn’t want to tell them that it wasn’t a sheep, it had canines, and it was probably their dog Jake who had disappeared the winter before.

    Yeah…so I have Jakey’s skull on my computer. He doesn’t seem to mind. lol…

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