Working Conditions

The morning started off well…I don’t know what happened, but I am suddenly in a really piss-poor mood. Part of it is the noise; it was fine this morning, then I had several hours of VERY loud conversations. (Nice ladies, both of them, but GOD are they loud.) I know I bitch about that a lot, but I am very sensitive to noise. (Everyone back at MF better appreciate your large, open-plan offices with spacious cubbies. Appreciate your toys and artwork and pictures on the walls around you. Appreciate the darkness.

Let’s put it this way. I am trying to listen to music to block out some of the noise. My headphone cord won’t reach, so it is pressing underneath my nose. If I turn my head too sharply, it yanks the headphones off my head. In my field of vision I can see the cord, distracting me. I am in a bad mood.

Guess I’ll write that really profound blog entry next week, hey? lol…

It’s raining again. Considering that I’ve moved to England, that’s not exactly a news flash, but it’s the most interesting thing that has happened all day. God, is that sad. Anyway, it’s been sunny, then chucking it down, then sunny again. Strange weather.

Since I’ve descended to the level of talking about the weather, I will close for now. Unless you all want to hear about the tuna sandwich that I had for lunch – ???

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  1. wandringsoul

    Hey – the weather’s a staple of English conversation…usually cos it varies to much so quickly…unlike those Californians…

    M1 – hot isn’t it?

    M2 – yep.

    M1 – still hot isn’t it?

    M2 – yep.

    M1 – can’t believe how hot it is.

    M2 – Yep.

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