work, work, work

I’ve been working most of the evening on the print ads that I needed to get done. Ho-hum. Ok, so I put them off as long as I could. If I’m to do anymore of this, I need to be able to set up a photography studio again. I can’t find images that I’m happy with via stock photography. I also need to get a new computer; my old Gateway is really creaking along now. I know, I know, I bought a horse instead of the computer. I’ll just have to deal with it for awhile. It’s fine for web work, but anything destined for print really slows it down.

Speaking of horses, Kipper has decided to be an ass over the last few days. Everyone at the stable was so impressed by how well-behaved he was for a stallion, and so they began to forget how careful you have to be around them. There is a mare in the stall next to him, little girls are standing around holding horses right in front of his stall, and when I had him tied in the aisleway, this little girl kept ducking in front of him, under the leadrope – you nevernevernever trust a stallion’s front feet, as they strike with the front hooves. *sigh*

Anyway, he was a total testosterone case last time I tried to work him, bucking huge rodeo-style bucks, and I finally gave up and just lunged his ass down into the ground. He was drenched by the time we’d finished, and still in a pissy, defiant mood.

Men, I swear!!! ;) Geld them all.

Ok, not really. They do have their uses. But Kip is destined for the clip.

5 thoughts on “work, work, work”

  1. I suppose it may calm him a bit, hopefully you will have a good chance to work him on a lunge rein before he gets his snip. I suppose it is a good idea to do it before summer ( when all the flies are about) Love that icon with the tumbling hair, you look great.

  2. I wish I’d bought the horse. I bought the computer and tomorrow will still likely have to reformat the drive. Great icon, by the way.

  3. Thanks – I had to cut off most of the perm, but I do miss having long hair. A Leo needs long hair. :)

  4. Yes, that’s exactly what I figured. I can always get the computer with the next project that comes in. :)

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