Work Avoidance

As I normally tend to do when I’m avoiding serious work (hey, it is a Sunday evening!) I’m pissing about, catching up on LJ and surfing. I was reading a Cleveland Bay Yahoo Group, which had some interesting posts on CB personality and difficulties. (This group has some interesting discussion, but I tend to be so infuriated by the non-user-friendliness of Yahoo groups that I never read it.)

“…Her problem is in getting the CB to go forward. It is a universal problem with CB’s. They plant their feet and ask “why do you want this?” Its why we love them and other people hate them.” Or why we, ourselves, hate them, to be totally honest.

Many other posts about the difficulties that people have in getting their CBs to accept any sort of a work ethic. I suppose I’m lucky in that Kip just plants his feet, and so far hasn’t thrown any kind of a major hissy fit *knock on wood* but I’ve read a ton of accounts about the kind of major bucking sprees that 1700lb, 17+ hand horses can throw. No thanks.

The general opinon seems to be that they are too intelligent, too opinionated, they want to decide things for themselves, and they’re basically lazy. They can be motivated, but you have to be a horse psychologist to do it – AND be the dominant one in the partnership, which is difficult with a Cleveland, as it takes finesse. Kip has a lot of “stallion” qualities, among which is resentment. He will remember and stew over things, and get his own back at a later date.

Sometimes I just don’t know if I have the patience…

I was working on an art project today, and looked up to realise that it was getting dark; I had to rush out to get Kip in from pasture while I could still find him. All the way there, I prayed that I wouldn’t get in an accident, as I was wearing tracksuit bottoms tucked into wellies, no pants (underwear, to you Yanks), and my smelly old disreputable poacher’s waxed jacket. lol…

Currently re-reading Tam Lin by Pamela Dean. I was never a Classics major at uni, but it still makes me nostalgic…for a life I never had, which is a bit strange. But I’ve always loved this book.

2 thoughts on “Work Avoidance”

  1. If you want to try with Kip would it be worth getting someone in for a few sessions with him? I know there are all sorts of country folk who have a way with difficult horses.
    I had to laugh at what you are wearing, today I have on tracky bottoms, an old t-shirt and my dresing gown. Oh and Tim’s socks…good job I am not leaving the house.

  2. I think perhaps I’ll have to, when I can afford it. Perhaps he’ll respond better to someone different, since I’m the only one who has really ever ridden him. Or perhaps he needs someone a lot more dominant than I am.

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