Misc. Writing

Most of the writing linked below is old, sometimes embarrassingly so. Our teen years come back to haunt us in old journals. :) But I’d like to keep them as a record, since I’ve lost so much as I travelled over the years…it’s also a way to get back in touch with that melodramatic, moody person that I was, emo before Emo existed. This was me.

Bits and pieces, jetsam and flotsam…

Spiraldance Archives:

Spiraldance was a dark/gothic ezine (bet you haven’t heard THAT term in a long time!) that I edited once upon a time in the dawn of teh internets, when we all lived in the forest, blah blah. We had a lot of extremely good articles, poetry, stories, interviews, and more published. It was a great community. Here is some of the content, preserved.