Words fail me…

Phil just sent me this, from the Aggramar forums:

why is server no up i wanna ride a pony with the name carlsberg and he will say. meh meh meh meh the sound that a sheep makes. yes i always wanted a pony that made sounds like a sheep. it is fun. becaus he will be unique . One day when i finished my study. i will be the new scientist of the european Union !!! and i will allow cloneing !!!! i will clone ponies !!! loads of em and they make sheep sounds i find that a must. the ponies will be used in outerspace expedition where bas van der weert comes in as the new astronut !!!! then the prophet of some country says !!! nooooooo we cannot do this !!! it is wrong to clone ponies who make sheep sounds. he said it is better to let them sound like a gnome !!! it is perfect. a pony that make gnome sounds.

Oh. My. God. Put the drugs down, son, I think you’ve had enough…

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