Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Children?

Damn. Blizzard goes and changes their corporate mind about RealID, just when I was getting my absolutely brilliant social networking campaign going. I only had a chance to send one email. It would have been so evil, and so successful.

You see, I was going to get the Moms involved. Every womens and parenting site out there was going to hear about the plan to put their children’s real names on Teh Internets. Just sit back and imagine the beauty of it, imagine the full hue and cry. (To be honest, as a parent myself, I was horrified by the possibilities. That’s the first thing you teach children about online safety: “Never give anyone your real name, your address, the name of your school…”) And day-um, they went and backed down before I could get started.

Ixobelle’s post Don’t Applaud Rapists for “Not Raping Last Wednesday” pretty sums sums up my feelings to the community’s reaction. The players have been pissing me off…there are a bunch of kiss asses out there. Blizzard/Activision doesn’t love you, the players…they love your skinny little wallets, they are still planning (I guarantee you) to implement nefarious plans to sell your identities, if not your very souls. It will just be a bit sneakier. Love the game – god knows I do. But don’t be thankful and grateful now that Blizzard has stopped kicking you for the moment. Don’t wag your tails and lick their hand.

I quote from the above post:

“We shouldn’t cheer and carry them around on our shoulders for not fucking us. We should nod once, and stay vigilant… backing slowly towards the exit while keeping wary eyes on Bobby Kotick, and our IDs safely in our wallets.”


On a more positive note, I placed my order for the Final Fantasy XIV collectors edition. Roll on September!

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