Woe, woe, woe…holiday blues

Last day at work, and then I won’t be in until January! I am VERY much looking forward to that. My task today was to publish out all of the January sale promotions…and publish is failing. Everyone has pissed off already for their holidays, no one is available at Blue Martini, and the person here who normally pushes the publishes through is not reachable. Disaster…and if I can’t fix it, I’m leaving early this afternoon. They still owe me two days of vacation, and if no one else cares about the site losing money, then I guess I shouldn’t, either.

My lesson with Kip the other night was good, but tough work for both of us. He’s lazy, and I let him get away with too much. We worked on making him more responsive to my leg, trotting, then exactly four steps of walk, and then immediately into trot. That was the theory, anyway. Kip is SUCH hard work right now; I call him Eeyore, because he just wants to shuffle along miserably, and he never seems to think anything is much fun.

Well, back to my site miseries…

3 thoughts on “Woe, woe, woe…holiday blues”

  1. re the publishing failure “document! document! document!” … send emails to everyone who should have been responsible and bcc them to a private account of your own as you know that otherwise they’ll try and blame you for the oncoming disaster.

    That said, it is their own fault if they don’t keep 24/7 tech cover for an internet service which runs 24/7 …

  2. I’m writing a scathing mail right now, suitably cc’d to everyone and his dog. And then I’m going home. To hell with this. :(

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