Without Wings

Everyday Stranger had another good post, this one about the news this morning about the foiled terrorist plot. She had exactly the same thought that I did: how could you survive an international flight without something to read?

“Unfortunately, we have already booked our tickets to Atlanta in November, otherwise the truth? We wouldn’t be going. I’m already a nervous flier, the idea of getting on a plane without a book is damn near sacrilege to me-I don’t think I can do it. On flights without films, etc, I’d go mad-I literally can’t sit still for any extended period of time without getting wigged out. What am I supposed to do, juggle my tampons (which will be obviously exposed individually in my clear plastic bag)?”

I can’t sit in the car for five minutes without scrabbling in the glovebox and under the seats for something to read. Last time I waited for Phil, I read a months-old Christmas menu from one of our local pubs about ten times. I’m serious…I could still tell you what was on the menu.

Loosely related to the issue of terrorism and recent events, I recently had a few mails from my first husband, who emigrated years ago from the States to Israel. He lives in a town called Tzfat (spelling varies, evidently it doesn’t translate well into English) which has been heavily bombed. Bombs have landed 30 yards away from him, and demolished one of his neighbour’s houses. I haven’t heard from him in over a week.

My birthday was last week. I spent it in Molten Core. Sounds sad, I know – but it was my choice. Through all of this, having an alternate world to escape to has saved my life. I didn’t want to be me. I wanted to have simple problems. I wanted to live in a world of beauty. Gaming gave me that, when I desperately needed it the most. Addicted? Possibly. Do I care? Not in the slightest.

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  1. Welll … as I’m reading the restrictions, there’s nothing stopping you buying books in Duty-Free, once you’re past security. What they don’t want is you taking anything on to the plane that you’be brought to the airport yourself.

  2. wandringsoul

    Apparently a lot of the airport shops have currently closed their doors – and the shares of various outlets are plummeting – some airports are closing the duty-free shops for an unspecified time with the intention of bringing ‘secure’ duty-free onto the plane once passengers are loaded.

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