Without Expectations

When I’m not raiding (on weekends, basically), I’m very much enjoying playing my baby troll hunter. Although I suppose the eventual idea is to someday get her to 70, I’m having a very good time just messing about with her. She has mining as one of her professions, so we explore hither and yon, going where the copper nodes take us. It’s ok. I do her quests, but at the same time we just explore. Running back and forth long distances to turn in quests normally drives me mad, but on her I’m ok with it. (Go to this far mountain to kill 20 of these beasties. Run all the way back. Grats, now run all the way back to the far mountain, fight your way through again, and kill the named mob at the back of the cave system. Yes, the one that you already killed once on your first trip through.) I’m not anxious about levelling, about getting somewhere…I read quest text, I am enjoying the journey.

It’s nice to get back to that feeling again.

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