Wipe Runs

Mmmn, lunch.  Throw some mixed prawns, mussels and such into a pan with butter, cream, wine, herbs, garlic, chopped tomatoes, then bake with thin slices of potatoes and tons of cheese.  So fattening, but god is this good comfort food.  :)

But food porn isn’t what I wanted to talk about. I’ve been thinking about raiding guilds progressing into new content, and wipe runs.  Ravven joined a new raiding guild, and I’ve had a lot of fun so far – they’re really, really nice people.  Although there are the usual number of kids, l33t spk, and so on, most people are literate and considerate.

Gah.  I think I just killed myself with rich food.  The fat content of this dish has just hit my body like a massive overdose of wine-soaked seafood and heavy cream.  I think I’ve zoned out for a bit…

Ah, raiding.  Yes, that’s what I was trying to write about.  Last night we went to SSC, to take down Hydross.  We wiped for hours.  At the end, every piece of armor, every weapon I had was totally red.  As in 0 out of 75 or whatever.  Ouch.  Massive repair bill, as well.

This isn’t the first learning run on Hydross that they’ve done, and they had trouble filling raids for the new content.  40-50 people online, and everyone has something urgent to do elsewhere.  People were forced/shamed into signing up.  This morning I was farming shards and netherweb, and someone came on to /gquit.  (There’s always a witching hour for /gquits, usually around 6:00 am.)  I could be wrong, but I had a feeling it was associated with the night before.

zzzzzzzzzz…where am I?  Come on, heart, start working.  I can’t have a massive coronary from one over-rich dish.  I would have thought that all the years of athletics would cut me some slack.  Must be attributable to playing too much WoW.  I blame Blizzard, not my cooking. 

I’ve never understood the reasoning behind only wanting to go on raids for bosses that were on farm.  Why wouldn’t you want the feeling of accomplishment that comes from being part of the team that figures out an encounter, works towards it, and finally takes that boss down?  That’s where the thrill of the game is for me…not in mindless grinding for stuff.

This entry….will be continuedz…later. l8tr m8, must zzzzz for now…. 

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