Winter Riding

Well, didn’t that suck.

It was very windy and cold when I saddled Lizzie, and then as soon as we made it into the big dressage arena, someone upended a bucket of horizontally-driven snow on us. I was blind because of all the snow in my eyelashes, and the stream of wind-driven moisture from my nose was freezing. I couldn’t feel my hands. Lizzie was travelling with her head buried in her chest, as though she was trying to draw it in between her shoulders. And then the hail started.

We stayed out there just long enough to prove that we had more bollocks than anyone else there, and then thankfully came back inside.

I think I’ll move to Portugal, or Spain. Along with all the other Brits.

4 thoughts on “Winter Riding”

  1. kuddos to Lizzie for not just dumping you on your ass and heading back to the barn :) apparently that’s what Denali tried to do with her leasor on Tuesday and that is what Drakkara has NEARLY done to me the few times I’ve tried to talk her into riding in the rain. And that was without the hail! eep.

  2. cadavre__exquis

    That sounds positively awful. I must say, the 70+ temperatures in Texas at the moment don’t do much for my desire to move.

    I do think at some point the entire British race will recolonize itself on the beaches of Spain.

  3. Yes, as nasty as she is in her stall, I really appreciate her sensible attitude under saddle. She’s always been good, especially for a horse as tightly wound as she is.

  4. I admit, although it can be stunningly beautiful here, sometimes the weather leaves a lot to be desired. :)

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