Winter is Here

We seem to have jumped straight over fall into winter. This morning I had to scrape a thick layer of ice off the car (with a cassette, as I didn’t have any de-icer). The roads were very frosty and slippy, and visibility was poor due to the thick mist. The sheep looked very grumpy, all hunched up in their fields, glittering with ice and tearing at the frozen grass. At lunch I went out shopping for a coat – in secondhand stores, of course, since we can’t afford new right now. I didn’t find one, and had to go back to work huddled inside my thin nylon jacket.

Li, one of the teachers at the college, quit. Everyone was very upset about it, and it is a shame – I think she was probably a very good teacher. It was over an obnoxious student. As one of the other teachers said, “What does it take? Death threats?” (For those of you back in the states, there was a case recently about two brothers who made over forty death threats to a teacher over the phone; they were expelled, and their mother fought for the right for them to be allowed back in school. Meanwhile, the teacher in question was home with a near-nervous breakdown. I could NEVER be a teacher.) I hope she changes her mind and comes back while she still can.

Not much else to tell. Watched a very interesting mini-series, the second part of which was last night. Tipping the Velvet, a Victorian period, lesbian drama, very well done. And the American in me was shocked down to the bone to see lovemaking scenes featuring large strap-on dildos. That you would neverever see at home, even on cable.

I’m soooo cold….

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