Windows and Doors

I’ve been obsessed with reading people’s journals lately. I don’t know why…some of it is boredom and loneliness, yes, but I also find these windows into people’s lives and dreams endlessly fascinating.

Plus, some people just rock.

“I think parenthood should start with an IQ test. There’s a reason cousins shouldn’t marry. The withdrawal method only works if you pull our before the baby comes. Not when it’s 12 and trying to set the dog on fire.”

I won’t turn this into a “we are the world” misty-eyed entry, but there are some seriously cool strangers out there. Go meet some.

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  • wandringsoul

    I saw a car sticker this morning on my way to work that made me think of the above conversation you and I had this morning…

    It said ‘Pull back – baby on board!’

    I thought to myself – ‘mate, if you’d pulled back, you wouldn’t have to worry about having your rugrat in the car!!’

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