Winding Down

We had a busy weekend, but overall very nice. P. made a superb leg of lamb tonight. :) Roasted chestnuts later, and scotch and honey. I realise that I’ve been writing a lot about food lately – I don’t know why.

I’ve been working on the radio station site, doing updates. If they move it to a real, grown-up host I’ll redo it with a content management system that will make it a lot easier for Phil to update. I made the mistake of doing it all in CSS, which isn’t very compatible with older browsers (Nutscrape) and iffy in Mozilla. I’m not going to redo it at this point, since it’s basically a freebie for Phil. But later, perhaps. He can’t edit it in a WYSIWYG view in Dreamweaver, as you have to do it from a code view. Not great.

I’m going to call my parents later, and see how my mom is doing. My sisters say it’s not very good. The ALS, or Motor Neuron Disease as you would call it in the UK, has begun to paralyse the muscles in her tongue, making swallowing and talking difficult, and eating food very scary due to the danger of choking. She still hasn’t had the results of the latest tests, and we are all very worried.

Ok, horsey stuff amd pics here, behind a cut to spare people who would be bored to tears. Ok, most of you.

Pics of Kipper here. I was able to take him out into the outdoor arena for the first time, as the barn has been crawling with small girls and ponies. This is NOT the barn to have a young stallion in. What is the expression that they use for similar types back home? “Young, dumb and full of come.” The describes him to a T. He’s a good boy, he’s just at the mercy of testosterone. I think we’ll fix that asap by whacking his nuts, not to put too fine a point on it. I have no need for a stallion, and it’s too dangerous to have one around beginner riders and kids.

But he is SUCH a sweetie. :) I am really like the proverbial twelve-year-old girl around him. I’ll be plaiting daisies into his mane next. lol…

12 thoughts on “Winding Down”

  1. He is gorgeous. I am so jealous. I’ll have to take a pic of Alfie who I ride…he’s a real gentleman, but he takes a while to get into gear :) Hope you have lots of fun with Kipper.

  2. He is absolutely stunning, my dear. What a graceful looking animal. I’ve always loved horses. I wish I had the chance to ride them more. There is such a beautiful feeling of freedom and excitement when you’re riding a horse.
    I’m so very happy for you! I’m sure you’ll both enjoy each other. ;)

  3. What CMS do you use? We’re looking at a website redevelopment in the not too distant future at work and I’m a couple of years out of date with stuff like that.

  4. Well, I’ll probably try to write one, actually. I’ve done a content editor in ASP and Access, and it shouldn’t be too difficult to translate that to PHP and MySQL. Failing that, phpWebSite is supposed to be pretty good, and it’s open source.

  5. What a beauty! I’m so glad for you.

    Missed you this weekend at Josh’s party. OMG – You should have seen Eric… lol. As soon as I get some pics I’ll post ’em.

  6. If my mother was a little more knowlegeable on the technology front you’d have ’em already. I asked her to email ’em last night but she couldn’t seem to manage it.

    My little bro is headed over there tonight and if he can’t figure it out I’ll be there on Thursday.

    We missed you too, love. But we’ll be watching for plans for your trip home and then we’ll get to spend some time catching up. It’ll be great!

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