Will Tank for Food

Ravven is broke. Flat broke. Now this is a girl who has a lot of expenses – vodka and Krispy Kreme donuts don’t come cheap.

I seem to have no talent at all for making money in games. I know people that just seem to accumulate cash out of thin air, through getting lucky drops and gaming the trade broker.  I just can’t do it. When Ravven hit 30, I had something like 140k kinah. The level 30 armour questline requires a massive bribe to a mercenary daeva in the form of a 90k Divine Lamp. I have approximately 140k of training to do as soon as I hit 31, and my gathering skill is maxed out at 199 because it requires something like 118k to pay for the next level. Forget doing any levelling of armorsmithing.  I’m wearing low-level gear and can’t upgrade it.  *cry*  I’m really not sure what to do.

I suppose I need to spend a few nights just grinding mobs and gathering mats – that route around the cliffwall in Brusthonin is very good for gold and gems.

But money sink issues aside, we are getting more people in the legion, and we’re having fun. So I suppose I’m poor and undergeared, but still happy.

4 thoughts on “Will Tank for Food”

  1. I found taking a couple nights a week and just grinding mobs your level or even a little lower so their is little down time brings in decent cash. In Eltnen I went out by Aigaron (sp) Village so I was close to a merchant to sell and could go right back out to grind. Mobs were 15-20k xp per kill and dropped decent mats and loot.

    Their is also a ton of harvest nodes out there as well to work up harvesting. Just an idea but I dumped 450k kinah on my 34 spells and was down to 35k kinah and was back up to 200k the fallowing night. Now granted I’m not working up alchemy like I should be as I’d likely be in your same position hehe.

    Ive found money is easy come easy go :( Just gotta work a bit harder to do all you want to do in this game. GL tho :) /hugs

  2. That’s a very good idea – I was trying to grind last night in Beluslan, but it was overrun with both players and botters – so much competition for every mob. The area you mention (yeah, I can’t remember how it’s spelled, either!) would be a better option.

  3. What you can try is kill the mosbears in Beluslan. They are easy to kill, no bots in that area yet.
    Besides that try to collect form every ore point you encounter.
    It does not take much time and as you are not crafting you can broker the mats.
    Also gathering Aether and selling it is a good way to make money.

  4. That’s good advice – I was killing mosbears yesterday and there were no bots that I noticed, unlike outside of Baluslan. My Aether gathering sucks – I never had the patience to deal with waiting for my flight time to come back. :/

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