Wildstar: I Like Sass In My Games

I try to not get too excited about upcoming games; I try not to fall for the hype. Those who know me will know that this must be a very recent thing because I always get excited about games that I’m looking forward to. But after getting both disappointed in, and pissed off by, Guild Wars 2 I am trying maintain a wait-and-see attitude. Yeah, we’ll see how that goes. :)

That said, I’ve really liked everything that I’ve seen so far about Wildstar. I love the Pixar-esq graphic style and the sense of humour that every reveal and trailer shows. I’m ready for a game which doesn’t take itself seriously. If the visual style and sly jokes that shine in their videos comes through in the actual game, I’m going to love the hell out of playing it.

Recently there have been reveals of the two factions, each with their own promotional video: the Dominion and the Exiles. First, the sassy human narrator of the Exiles video – I love her to bits!



Next, the snooty British (but of course!) host who introduces you to The Dominion. I’ll probably play the other side, but on the other hand bad girls can be so much fun to play…



So, when is this game coming out again? :D

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