Wildstar: Headstart

Yeah, yeah, I know…I continue to mistreat and neglect my poor blog, and it’s been ages since I posted. I’ve just been so fried, so very tired that making words (much less trying to combine them into coherent sentences) is very hard.

Anyway, Wildstar finally launched, and we’ve been having fun playing with both real life and online friends. I’m slightly ambivalent about Wildstar at this point, which has affected both my levelling and my impatience to play. After semi-hardcore raiding in Warcraft for several years I totally burned out on that type of time committment. When Wildstar made the announcements about the game having a raid endgame emphasis and also that their raids were going to be Even! More! Hardcore! I confess to being a bit meh. That’s affected my enjoyment of the game, since I know that there is an end to all the fun waiting (at least for me).

In any event, here is my oddly-dressed, but still badass Medic. I like her.


Wildstar Medic

3 thoughts on “Wildstar: Headstart”

  1. Hopefully there will be more than just the hardcore raiding aspect to end game content.

    Out of curiosity which realm are you playing on?

  2. I’m playing on Lightspire, with Jaedia, etc. :)

    Sure, there will be crafting and pvp to do after 50, but it just seems a bit pointless when they’ve said that most of their direction of the game is hardcore raiding. It’s like Warcraft – I’ve played it for many years and still love it, but unless I’m raiding I can’t really justify keeping the sub. It’s a big expense when you know you’re just levelling another alt, or doing pet battles or whatever.

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