Why I Play a Hunter

With the patch, Kit’s been missing something, and it has to do with why hunter is the class that most suits me. She doesn’t have a special pet anymore, as she did prior to becoming my main.

I do enjoy raiding with a hunter, I like min-maxing dps and micro-managing all cooldowns, special abilities and so on. But what I really like is the synergy with a pet. As I’ve said in other posts, I tend to play the characters which “click” with me. Kitsune was a person as soon as I created her, and I knew what her backstory was. She had a personality. Her pet while levelling was always Ennui, her black armored Razorfen Kraul boar – he was her friend.

And now, although I’m very much enjoying playing with new pet families, I don’t have any that I really click with, aside possibly from Hanuman, my gorilladin. He’s fun, but he’s not really “her”. I raid with a wasp named Serenity, chosen for dps and debuffs, and it’s fine…but it’s a bug. Not cuddly, not something that you can picture sitting next to her at a camp fire in the forest. You just can’t hang with bugs.

I miss having a partner.  I miss playing with Ennui.

This was Kit’s applications for a raiding-and-roleplay guild when I had her on Moonglade:


Kitsune rose from her fur-covered camp bed, attempting to not disturb the smaller animals who were curled sleeping in the warmth. Not wanting to disturb the silence, she decided against building up the fire, and walked to the door. Ennui, her black armoured boar followed her, ever her constant companion.

The mist was just clearing as the sun rose behind the trees, edging the silver leaves with the palest gold. The woods were still silent, as though the whole world was holding its breath in anticipation of the dawn.

Kit silently paced to the rock in the clearing and knelt, clearing her mind and opening herself to the wakening world; Ennui stood behind her, his wise old eyes watching the brightening wood.

Morning meditation finished, she remained on her knees, still deep in thought. It had been difficult to still her mind this morning, and the peace of the woods didn’t fill her as it normally did. There was something missing, something that had been on her mind over past weeks as she hunted through the woods that she knew so well.

It was time to go back. She had been alone for too long, and it was time to rejoin the world of elves and humans. She would try to forget the scars that her long captivity had left, try to find forgiveness, and try to find a home among her kin again…if any of them still existed.

She would find her daughter, her child born of terror and pain. She would mend the circle.

And then 2:

Kitsune tossed her dusty bags and travelling gear into a heap in the corner. She was exhausted and filthy from the long journey, and looking forward to a bath and a nap, not necessarily in that order. The inn was plain and the room small, but everything was clean and the bed looked like heaven.

From behind her she heard a surreptitious creak of bedsprings, and turning around she saw her huge black armored boar, Ennui, trying to look inconspicuous in the middle of the bed.

“Hey, fleabag! Get your fat self off that bed!” Ennui heaved a deep sigh, and closed his eyes. “Ah, well…move your great arse over, and make room.” She flopped on the bed next to the boar, and he happily rolled over onto his back so that she could scratch his stomach. Kit noticed that she had dried blood rimming each fingernail, and there was a distinct odor that she honestly couldn’t claim was boar. She needed a bath.

There was a mirror hanging over the cracked clothes chest, and she stood for a moment looking into it. Used to seeing her reflection in water, if at all, she flinched a bit as she studied her scarred face. There was more extensive scarring on her back, and around her wrists, but usually that was covered up by mail. Her face felt so exposed.

Ah, well – she’d never been a beauty, and having been imprisoned in an Orc hellhole for so long hadn’t improved her looks. As a young druid in training in Ashenvale, she’d been looking forward to her initiation ceremony and tattoos, but then war had swept in and changed all of that. Her parents were some of the first to go down before the onslaught…so much lost, so much time, so much changed.

But anyway…what was needed was a pint or five of strong dwarven ale. She quickly washed, rebraided her long white hair, and stripped off the blood-spattered outer armor. It was easier, she reflected, to face a room full of demons and undead than to walk downstairs into a crowded tavern and try to start up a conversation, and make some friends.

Thats’ why she was here, after all…the long years of solitude in the autumn woods of Azshara had done a lot of healing, and she was almost ready to rejoin the world.

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