Who’s on First

This was my dream: to have a seamless mesh of 2D and 3D site.  To have a social networking site that felt like an MMO.  To move from profile and blog to a virtual multiplayer area, and back again…all within a browser.  I wanted us to be the first.

The X3D areas of the project are causing many headaches.  When we run into a snag, we have to figure it out…no looking things up in books or googling for others who have solved similar problems.  No one has really done this yet.  I’ve spent days going through thousands of lines of code, checking paths, checking all linked textures and files, trying to find out why the 3D area was causing browser lock-ups. X3D, as you probably don’t know, is the modern successor of vrml.  It should allow us to run 3D multiplayer areas within normal web pages, without the separation of needing client software.  It’s what the web should be.

And sometimes that dream seems so far away.

2 thoughts on “Who’s on First”

  1. Thank you for that. We do a lot of reading on Web3D in the forums, and have asked a few questions. I had high hopes for MediaMachines multiuser server…but it seems to be in very early stages, plus I can’t get anyone there to respond to mail. :/

    What we have working right now are standalone X3D environments (customisable personal rooms and avatars, 3D walkthrough environments meant to be dropped into e-learning material). A very important part of what we want to do involves multiuser areas, though, and I really want to use X3D for that. We’re starting an additional Multiverse development, as I think the X3D areas will take more time than we can allow, but that is the dream, everything from within the browser.

    I even signed up for the porn site Jewel of Indra to see what they were doing. lol…explaining that cost to our accountant was interesting. :D

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