…is the sound of the weekend flying by. We’re still dealing with the aftermath of DIY/furniture moving from last weekend. Kip is doing well, and is out in pasture right now, enjoying himself and playing with the other youngster in the field (the other horses being much too sedate). Phil and I sat on the hill and watched them sniffing noses, then squealing like pigs and striking at each other, over and over again. Stupid buggers. I swear, if they could go behind the trees and light farts, they would.

Well, we’re off for lunch at Phil’s parents’ house. Then shopping, stable, more housecleaning. Oh, the good news from last week is that I can finally move my desk. So long, shrieking ladies and Pit Bull Woman. *bounce*

2 thoughts on “Whoooooosh…”

  1. hehe, funny. My dad was telling me about the horses here this weekend (my parents have 4). Winnie snuck up behind Snow and for some reason, god-knows-why, shoved her entire snout into snow’s ass! hah, snow jumped a good two feet and started kicking, but no one was hurt so all is good :)…

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