And it’s finally Friday. Thank goodness. This last week or so at work before my final day will be stressful; I know that and I’m trying as much as possible to relax and not stress. It’s tough, though – I go home at night totally burned out and exhausted. I should do some work on my personal site, as it’s still languishing in a very barebones state, but I just can’t face the computer when I get home.

Poor Lizzie hasn’t been ridden all week, as she started to tie up last Sunday. I stopped before she actually did, but she had started to sweat and her flanks and hindquarters had started to tremor. Poor thing. The vet is at a loss to know what to do, as am I. She gets no concentrates, she’s on very expensive supplement and detox treatment possible, plus fresh garlic and handpicked nettles (just for the hell of it), and still she can’t be worked. She’s been in a foul mood, too, really evil.

At work we got our Christmas bonuses…£25 gift certificates at one of the company outlet stores. Followed by a company email from HR stating that 1) you couldn’t get any change from the gift certificate, you couldn’t combine it with an employee discount, and you had to use it prior to the holidays. There’s a definite Scroogelike tone to the company this year.

I finally read GP Taylor’s Shadowmancer. The new Harry Potter, it’s not. It wasn’t bad, overall, good story and writing, but it has an extremely heavy-handed religious message that is shoved down your throat for most of the book. I can read things like the Narnia books and totally ignore the religious allegory, they’re fabulous stories. This wasn’t as subtle.

Enough trivia. Back to work. Ok, back to aimlessly surfing, which is what I’ve been doing through lunch, to be perfectly honest. :)

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